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I wanted to write this blog post not just because it’s around Valentine’s Day and I’m all for celebrating love, but also because 2018 holds a very big milestone (well 2 actually since I also turn 30 this year!) for Adam and I. We officially got together in April 2008 so in two months time, we will have been together 10 years! I can’t believe a whole decade has gone by as it feels like everything has just whizzed along, but at the same time when I look back, it feels like it’s been forever and there wasn’t a time when Adam wasn’t in my life. It’s hard to get my head around the fact that I’ve known him for almost half of my life now! I couldn’t be more happier if I tried though and when I look back at these photos from our engagement shoot, I just smile as I can really see the love and fondness shared between us both. I do consider myself extremely lucky and blessed to have Adam as my partner, which is why I wanted to dedicate this blog post to him.

So many changes have happened over the 10 years, not just within myself and my anxiety and how much I have managed to change and grow over time with the support of Adam (and my mum and dad) but I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for him. He’s been nothing but patient, caring, respectful and understanding in every way when it comes to my issues and having that support has really encouraged me to progress and do the things I want to do as I don’t feel alone in my thoughts. I also wouldn’t be able to do my blogging without Adam either since you all know he’s been my photographer since the start and we both do a lot of work together.

It’s not all one sided though as there’s numerous ways in which I support him too and help move him in the right direction. He used to be a printer as a job which he didn’t like at all and I’ve been able to teach him most of what I know about blogging, social media and self employment etc which allowed him to create his own men’s fashion blog just over a year ago, which has taken off greatly (I’m his photographer now), and has a job in social media and photography, focusing on that which he is really happy doing. I’m literally so proud of him with how he’s turned his life around in his mid thirties and embraced something completely new, welcoming the change. I’m happy that he’s happy, and we both support each other’s dreams and hobbies. So, here are 10 things I love about Adam below.

  1. I love just being able to lie together watching nonsense TV shows and it’s fun.
  2. I love that you force me to watch movies I wouldn’t have liked (and vice versa).
  3. I love that when we go out shopping you are always protective of me and my new shoes or bags.
  4. I love that when my arms aren’t working properly you will make me lunch.
  5. I love how kind you are to animals and respectful to nature – just like me.
  6. I love that we share the same interests with fashion and like the same items.
  7. I love that we always know what each other is thinking.
  8. I love that we always have a laugh and make fun of each other.
  9. I love that you always tell me the truth regarding anything I ask, even if I look fat.
  10. Most of all, I love you for who you are and wouldn’t change a thing.

I know we’re not really celebrating Valentine’s Day as such this year with presents and anything fancy since we’re saving for a trip away for our 10 year anniversary, but I wanted to show you just how much you mean to me in this blog post and share it with everyone else too as you are an amazing human being. You make me a better person in every way and I know we bring out the best in each other. You mean everything to me – I love you! Lots of love, Lorna xx.

Photos shot by the talented Mark Noall.


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