10 Years of WishWishWish • WishWishWish


A Decade

An entire decade! I can’t quite believe it. I started this blog 10 years ago because spending all of my time online and escaping into other worlds was preferable to leaving the house (I was also 17, which is a valid excuse to sit around coding websites for fun).

Forgive me if this sounds arrogant in any way, but I can’t say that 17 year old me would never have believed that 10 years down the line I’d still be here, and moreover that WishWishWish would be my full-time job. Whilst I didn’t start this as a business, teenage Carrie was very optimistic – whether I ended up doing graphic design, illustration, or even properly digging in to how to code websites, I knew I wanted to work online and be my own boss, and I was going to make it happen. That manifested in the best way possible when I started to be able to earn money through my corner of the internet, a venture that just didn’t exist when I shoddily cobbled it together.

Again, I’m going be tooting my own horn a little here (because you absolutely have to sometimes, even if you’re British and find it extremely cringey) – myself and the others that started around a decade ago were the generation of firsts. It’s not always easy to remember how significant that is when you’ve got hundreds upon hundreds of other women popping up, overtaking in numbers and with content you could only dream of. But we were the ones that created the ‘outfit post’, the ‘flat lay’ and shared every detail of our day before Instagram even existed. A relatively small community, all with a genuine passion for connecting with each other and being creative in the process. That’s something I’m extremely proud of. We helped pave the way and turn this hobby of ours into an industry, through trial and error, learning as we went.


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