14 Ways To Wear A Celine Nano Luggage Bag


14 Ways To Wear A Celine Nano Luggage Bag

When I shared my Celine Nano Luggage Bag review with you back in September 2016, it was obvious that I loved the bag. It’s one I had wanted for years, but always thought I would never be able to get, but after saving up for it and buying it at the Mount Street boutique in London almost two years ago, I’ve never looked back. I know sometimes there can be regrets when making such a big purchase, but I’ve never felt one ounce of remorse with this Celine Nano Luggage. In fact, I realised it’s my most worn bag, my most versatile bag, and the one I will always reach for.

With that in mind, I thought I would count up the amount of times I have worn it on my fashion blog over the past 22 months – the answer is 14! Considering I have a love for designer handbags and have quite a few different ones, 14 is a lot, and that’s just the amount of times it’s been featured on the blog, I have of course worn it numerous times when not doing outfit photos as well.

Since my Celine Nano Luggage in Dune is my most used and most featured bag here, I wanted to share 14 ways to wear it! Due to its colour, the versatility is incredible, plus the shape and design means you can style it in a more classic and sophisticated way, or you can dress it down for casual days. I do both, as you can tell, and it works perfectly with either look.

If you get the chance to get a designer bag and you’re wondering what to spend your money on, I cannot recommend this bag enough! It’s held up well, has no scratches, it holds so much for its size, and it’s so well made that you can’t even comment on the quality. I’m sad I wasn’t able to get the Slate shade (it’s out of season now) but you never know, one day it might turn up! So, here are my 14 ways to wear a Celine Nano Luggage bag below, plus I’ve linked up the full outfits for you so all you have to do is click the photos to take you to the original outfit blog post.

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One of my favourite summer looks that shows how easy it is to combine casual and classy into one. I think the Celine Nano Luggage really just finishes an outfit like this off. I plan on wearing something similar to this soon, again, but with more colour. The espadrilles just make it ideal for day wear.

Similar to the outfit above, but more suitable for the evening as I swapped out the flat shoes for some stiletto heels and chose a black cold shoulder top instead. It’s all down to the shoes with a combination like this for daytime or evening.

My Celine Nano Luggage was the bag I wore the most during the colder seasons actually, so this is a signature look of mine during the autumn or winter. It’s casual and easy for daytime, but it’s put together enough to look stylish with the tailored coat, Burberry scarf and Chelsea boots. I would say stick to a colour palette that represents the bag too, like these warm shades with the Dune leather.

Another autumn look for me consists of a roll neck jumper/sweater, some skinny jeans and a pair of statement boots, so adding in the Ceilne Nano Luggage to this mix works wonders. I often wear a variation of this type of ensemble and I love it.

Similar to my other winter outfit, this features the smart coat, skinny jeans, Burberry scarf etc, but I swapped out the Chelsea boots for some heeled boots instead to make it a bit smarter. Flats work well for casual shopping and heeled boots work wonders for dressing it up.

A pair of thigh high boots in suede are extremely fashionable and classy, no matter how you wear them, but with a leather style skirt, a roll neck jumper/sweater, and a smart coat, I think the Celine really shines. It just brings it all together to let you know it’s classy, and the hat tops it off.

A casual look for spring for me would be a plaid, printed or coloured shirt with some cropped skinny jeans and some flat ankle boots. The Celine Nano Luggage then just brings a bit more structure to the outfit and gives it some more polish. It’s one of my favourite ways for daytime!

This is another way I wore the bag in the spring, but instead of a shirt, I chose a slouchy jumper/sweater and my Gucci GG belt, paired with some trainers/sneakers as it makes it sporty chic in my opinion. It’s a running errands look, but the bag adds that extra element to let people know that you’re not about to head to the gym or burst into a run.

It’s no secret that I love suede and leather jackets, so I would of course wear my bag with one too! A neutral/beige shade jacket like this complements the Dune leather perfectly, then pairing it with skinny jeans and flat boots makes it a great shopping outfit to me and one I have worn a lot.

Similar to the outfit above, a black leather jacket and black skinny jeans makes a great base. For me it’s a uniform I wear a lot and it has an edge to it, so I jazzed it up with my Balenciaga Race Runners while the Celine Nano Luggage pulls it all together. It’s sporty, but styled.

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a chic belted wrap coat, especially in a camel shade, then pairing it with some black suede knee high boots just elevates it to a whole other level. This is an outfit that would look great on its own and gives off a vintage appearance, but the bag brings the colour palette together and makes it work for daytime.

This outfit here is fairly similar to my others, except I’ve added more colour. Usually I stick to the brown/taupe/beige hues, but I jazzed it up with some statement Chloe Susanna Boots in Burgundy Velvet and matched a Burberry scarf to them, plus the coat has leather sleeves which just adds more edge to the overall vibe. It’s casual, but styled.

Again, this isn’t too dissimilar to the leather jacket and black jeans look above, but this time instead of wearing trainers/sneakers, I opted for flat Chelsea boots and brought some classy colour to it in the form of a Burberry scarf. It’s casual and easy wearing, but not as dressed down.

Finally, another leather jacket look, except this time it’s my Allsaints Dalby Leather Jacket in Blush Pink. Since this was a spring look, I went with pastel tones and chose grey skinny jeans and some pale pink loafers to keep it looking sophisticated. Leather jackets always bring a comfortable vibe to any outfit, but I think if you keep the colours feminine, it dresses it up. The Celine Nano Luggage here just complemented the colour palette perfectly.

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– So, these are the 14 ways to wear a Celine Nano Luggage bag and they’re all outfits I have put together over the last 22 months. I’m sure a lot of you remember every single look, but it surprised me when I was putting this post together just how much use this bag has gotten and how much it goes with absolutely anything. I can’t think of one look it wouldn’t pair with at all, and that’s amazing. Now the big question, which of these outfits do you like the most? Comment and let me know! Lorna xx.


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