18 Toe-Ring Sandals to Rock This Summer


Better get your pedicure game in check because this season is all about flaunting your toes. While your basic flip flops and wedges will always be summer staples, toe-ring (aka toe-loop and toe-strap) sandals are the latest footwear to go viral. Countless Insta influencers are posting pics where they’re sporting the once-shunned shoes. Toe-ring sandals are actually becoming as ubiquitous as those larger-than-life sun hats.

But there’s no need to worry about being stuck with a one-style-suits-all scenario. Toe-ring sandals come in a surprising amount of iterations, from basic flats to wraparound to wedges. Plus, there’s even some wiggle room when it comes to the toe strap. Some sandals boast a standard loop, while others rely on the crisscross variety.

Ahead, 18 toe-ring sandals you can wear with practically anything in your summer wardrobe.

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