20 of the Best Sustainable Fashion Brands You Need to Know About


Have you ever bought a piece of sustainable, ethical or organic clothing? I’ll be the first to put my hands up and say no, I actually haven’t. I’ve seen the odd piece of clothing that states it has been made ethically, but it’s not something I have personally paid much attention to. In the same way that a few years ago I wasn’t bothered about fur usage, I ate meat most days and didn’t recycle. I guess we are all learning, finding out how detrimental our actions can be and working out ways to adapt our lifestyles.

There are thousands of stores and brands to buy clothing and accessories from. Depending on your price range, your personal preferences and the high street you’re shopping on, you’re bound to find a piece of clothing you love enough to buy. With so much choice and so much excitement/discounts/reasons to buy, I feel the majority of us have become lazy shoppers. I barely even look at the fabric my clothing is made from sometimes and in honesty, I think that being spoiled for choice has meant that I have never paid attention to ethical or sustainable fashion. And in my defence, I feel like it’s because sustainable brands are so few and far between.

Yet, I have a good feeling that we’re going to see a plethora of brands moving into a more ethical clothing space over the next few years. If brands can finally move away from fur, then perhaps they can move into developing a more ethical and sustainable set of practices for their manufacturing and production.

As part of this photoshoot, located within the giant structures of the Eden Project biome’s, the attraction’s story of sustainability was a major inspiration. They pursue a number of energy saving practices, choosing suppliers and retail partners who adhere to sustainable methods, and promote sustainable water management, amongst many other policies. In effect, the Eden Project is attempting to be as green as their rainforest. 

Therefore, I wanted the styling to match the location. Selecting clothing brands who take sustainability seriously and are creating something for the industry with kindness at the heart. I too am educating myself on what goes on behind the scenes of the clothing industry, and whilst I must admit it may take me some time to really make big changes, just educating myself on ways to change, is a brilliant step in the right direction. Hopefully some of you may join me too.


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