3 Ways to Lead a More Positive Life


Being Kind To Myself

Something that took me far too long to get to grips with, is being kinder to myself and this year I’ve made a real effort to stop beating myself up about the things I have no control over. It still takes me a moment to realise I’m being too harsh with myself, but when I do, I finally have the ability to focus on what I did achieve and celebrate that instead. It’s turning those days that would previously feel like failures when the whole list didn’t get checked off, into positive days because actually most of the list did get done. Being kinder to myself recently, and brushing off negativity when it crept in, has really had a knock on effect on most other things in my life. My relationship, my work and most importantly my mental health. Continuing on the path to kindness is definitely a direction I want to work towards, after all it’s a win win for me, and those around me, in every single way.



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