5 Rare Moments that Mean the Most to Me


The rarest of moments can be captured by the rarest of ingredients and the rarest of scents. 

Fragrances too, capture rare moments better than most. We are led to remember particular moments from our past, just from smelling a particular scent and our brain taking us back to that moment. An ex-boyfriends scent, the smell of your Grandad’s house, the perfume on your wedding day, the smell of freshly washed sheets on a summers day. We are taken to memories that have stayed etched in our memories.

Proenza Schouler have just released their debut fragrance, Arizona, inspired by their favourite memories and trips to the beautiful, mountainous state. I too have such a soft spot for Arizona; the terrain, the air, the colours. It’s an incredible place with so much history, mystery and beauty. But it is the never before used Cactus Blossom, that gives this fragrance it’s power. A rare floral note that none of us have smelled before, entwined with jasmine, Orris, orange blossom, solar accord, musk and cashmeran. There is a sweetness mixed with deep florals and a sexy, seductive undertone. A scent that works for the nighttime, but is just as powerful throughout the day. It feel mysterious and unique, encapsulating a feeling and a memory of the heat, the sand, the air and the atmosphere of Arizona. All encased inside a bottle cut like an imperfect rock in the desert, filled with a juice that resembles the burning desert heat and a thick black bottle top that contrasts with the light of the desert’s open plains. It’s intoxicating and evocative. A scent that I haven’t been able to put down.


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