5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before University


Follow your own path

From the minute we start our GCSE exam prep, through to the last days of College and then over to choosing exactly which courses our University degree should consist of, we are encouraged, by others (knowingly or not) to follow a specific path. Some advice is well meaning – our teachers, lecturers and tutors, often see our passions before we do and can imagine where our abilities are best suited. Other advice, whether from parents, siblings or friends, can be somewhat biased and doesn’t always have your very best interests at heart. Always follow the path of your choosing. Think long term. You don’t want to be stuck in lectures you don’t care about, you don’t want to complete a degree in a subject you truly dislike and you definitely don’t want to enter a career you have absolutely no interest in. Believe in yourself and your path will get you where you want/need to go. I wish I’d known, how important it was to realise, that this is your life – no one else’s.


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