5 Ways To Live A More Rewarding and Productive Life


Looking Ahead

We’re all working our butts off more than ever in this current age, and with all that hard work we need balance, mainly, something to look forward to. That something that makes the hard work worth it. I don’t mean to the point that you don’t live in the current moment or appreciate what’s happening right in front of you, but just knowing there’s an event, a person, a moment in time to look towards gives me cause to keep moving forward. It doesn’t always have to be something of significant note, but just something that you know places happiness on the horizon. It encourages me to work harder, to be more productive, to make plans and to succeed. Also my personality thrives on planning. I love to organise so far in advance, often trying to plan next years Thanksgiving plans before this year has even happened, but only because I want to make the most of everything I do. Being able to live in the moment is not having to worry about what’s ahead, so being able to see the amazing plans in the distance allows me to relax and enjoy the now. If you have the funds available, book that trip you’ve been planning in your head, or over dinner with your significant other, and give yourself something amazing to look towards.


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