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A Floral Black Playsuit For Summer

Can you believe the weather we had last weekend? It was so hot! It reached 28C here in Bath and that’s a temperature that us Brits are not used to, ha ha. It definitely made a change though and it was nice to actually go out in little clothing, finally getting to wear the summer clothes I had anticipated wearing for a while. As I’m usually re-wearing the pieces that I own in my wardrobe, I don’t actually own that many summer clothes as we only get about 1 month of the year for it, so I am showcasing a brand new look with all new pieces for you here!

I was wearing most of the pieces from Superdry, like this Smocked Ruffle Playsuit as I adore the little rose print and the ruffled shoulder detailing, which I styled with these easy Pool Sliders and these pretty Cassie Sunglasses. I’ve been wearing these sunglasses all weekend actually as I love them! I did opt to have my Riot Biker Jacket as well for the outfit, but as it was too hot, I only layered it over the shoulders for a couple of photos to showcase how you can take this from day to evening. It’s a faux leather and the painted elements on the back, as well as the little patches on the arms, are really cool!

Then for my accessories, I went with my Celine Micro Belt Bag in Clay and my new Swarovski Crystal Dust Bracelet. I haven’t yet done the review of this bag as I’m waiting a while at the moment, but it will be soon! I thought I would share it with you in a couple of outfit posts first though as it’s the bag I’ve been wearing all weekend. Then getting to my bracelet, isn’t it stunning? In real life it glistens and sparkles like crazy! It was an anniversary gift for mine and Adam’s 10 years a couple of weekends ago and it’s so special. It’s in the sale and in multiple colours, so if you want to get one, just click here. You can of course shop all of the items I’m wearing with the links at the bottom of this post though.

As I don’t usually wear looks like this, but love experimenting with styles, I seriously love how these photos came out! It makes a change to shoot in the sunlight and it’s nice to wear something edgy, but feminine at the same time. For an outfit I chose all online, I was pleased all of the pieces worked together and fitted. I thought shooting the photos with this location with the manor house behind and the buddleia bush in the garden made a great backdrop to contrast against the toughness of the ensemble – it almost tones it down and helps make it more elegant. What do you think of the outfit? And did you enjoy the summery weekend? Lorna xx.

P.S. – Thank you for the support in my last post where I showed you what Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome looks like on me. If you missed it, please do check it out!

What I Was Wearing:
Playsuit – Superdry c/o
Jacket – Superdry c/o
Bag – Celine
Slides – Superdry c/o
Sunglasses – Superdry c/o
Bracelet – Swarovski


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