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Beach Day

After a really hot weekend in the city, Alisha and I decided that we were going to get out of Amsterdam and head the short journey to the coast. Thanks to the wonder of Instagram, I’d spotted a couple of places in Zandvoort that looked totally up my street, and seemed like the perfect place to spend a sunny day.

Unfortunately for us, the sun didn’t show up, but it didn’t matter – we loved Zandvoort even with a grey sky above. Our Uber dropped us in the centre of the small town, and straight away it felt almost as if we were at the seaside in Britain – a few tacky tourist shops and a big wheel. Perhaps it wasn’t going to be quite as cool as I was hoping? We made our way down onto the beach.

Our first stop was the beach club Hippie Fish. We fell in love with the decor straight away. It felt as though we’d been transported to California, even though we were just over half an hour away from the centre of Amsterdam. We had a snoop around, taking photos of all of the impeccable interior details. This is what my house by the sea would look like, I told myself.

After a stroll along the sand we stopped at Ubuntu Beach Club. Now, you’ll have to forgive me, I may have mashed the pictures of the two places together – as you’ll see, they are very similar. I assumed they were owned by the same people, as the branding was perfectly matched. Either way, once again, we couldn’t quite believe we were in a small town in the Netherlands.

We walked back to Hippie Fish to have lunch, before deciding that it was probably time for us to stop pretending the weather was beach friendly, and to head back to the city.

I don’t mean to give away any local secrets, but if you’re visiting Amsterdam during the summer months, I couldn’t reccomend popping across to Zandvoort for the day. Sipping iced tea with sand under my toes was amazing, and can only imagine how much better it would be paired with a sunset.

What I Wore…

Tee – c/o &OtherStories (similar) | Skirt – c/o &OtherStories | Sunglasses – ASOS | Bag – Mango


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