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A Silver LORNA Name Necklace

It’s no secret that my name isn’t that common (unless you live in Scotland) so trying to find anything that’s personalised with my name on it is extremely difficult. Anytime I’m on holiday and I pass those stands that have things like signs, mugs, key rings, name necklaces etc. already personalised for people, it’s guaranteed mine will not be there unless you go up north of the UK (but even that is rare). I think in the 29 years I’ve been alive, I’ve only had 3 things with my name on and that was a little bear, a pen, and a key ring. With it being this rare, you can understand why I jump at the chance to have anything personalised!

When it comes to jewellery, I’ve never once found anything with LORNA written on it as a standard design in a shop, so when I got offered the chance to have a name necklace made for me from INEFFABLESS, I was super excited! I did take a while deciding which font I wanted though as they had so many pretty ones and I wanted to make sure I chose one that did my name justice, as well as the right metal as I wasn’t sure if I wanted silver, gold or rose gold. I eventually decided on sterling silver as you can see as I thought it would match my rings I wear on a regular basis and blend in nicely with most of the clothes I wear in the summertime. This is the font that I chose (see here) and you can also preview your own name in the little box before you buy it, which is what I did.

It arrived a couple of weeks ago (it did take a couple of weeks to be made as it’s custom), and I am so pleased with it! The quality of the sterling silver metal is really sturdy and strong, the shape of my name is perfect and smooth, the chain seems dainty and pretty… all plus points and what’s even better is the packaging! I wasn’t expecting it to come in a pretty black glitter box and a gift bag. It’s definitely pretty in every way possible and I’m so excited to have a silver name necklace that I can wear often and feel special with. I know I have a LORNA silver ring that I got last year, so maybe I can wear both of them together and be double special, ha ha!

There’s just something about name necklaces like this that feel unique and warming. I don’t know if it’s because of the Carrie necklace in Sex and the City that everyone fell in love with years ago, or because it’s nice to have something with LORNA on it when you can’t find it elsewhere, either way, I love it! I thought it would look pretty in a flat lay against my book, combined with flowers and my plant window display, my Ormonde Jayne candle, as well as a photo of me wearing it. I didn’t want to take the attention away from the necklace itself though which is why I’ve focused mostly on it. You will definitely be seeing it in outfits to come when it warms up. What do you think of it? It is currently on sale if you want one with your name on it too! Lorna xx.


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