Absurd Braided Hairstyle for Black African hairs


Braids are simplest and easy way to give striking look to your hairs. With braids your hairs not only look manageable but braids also protect your hair from harsh environmental factors. Especially African women prefer braided hairstyle even in their normal routine life. Making braids is actually creativity with your hairs. African hair braiding is very versatile. With African hairs, you can make micro braids, cornrows, fishtail braids, blocky braids, messy braided bun, twisted braids, French braids and much more. You can go with these styles for your special events or for your daily life. According to researches, it has proven that braids were in fashion since 2000 years B.C. there is no wonder in this reality because there is something special in braids. Every year our famous designers do several experiments with braids in their fashion shows. So let us start discuss further about this fancy creativity.

Types of Braided Hairstyles

Cornrows Braids for African Hairs or Curly Hairs

Cornrows braids are good option for styling your hair when you want to go on beach or want to give break to your hairs. This style is not difficult to make. Its takes your five to ten minutes. You can adopt this hair styling technique for your special events too.


Bold Triangle Braids for Black Hairs

Modern women prefer braids for styling their hairs. However, African women highly recommend braided hairstyle for curly hairs. This is 90’s braided hairstyle for curly hairs. Now hairstylist is doing experiment with this style by doing braid large the braids and changing partition. This is one of the easiest ways to make a standard style.



Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braid not only gives you classy look but also good to manage your hairs in stylish way. Braiding is the simplest hair skill for hair master. You do not have need to gather several hair accessories to make fishtail braid. You just need to have a pair of hands and a hair tie.


Braided Bun

In 90’s Braided Bun was the most adopting hairstyle of old age women. But old is now becoming new. Fashion is repeating itself. Now young age girl’s women and teenager recommend styling their hair in braided bun. It looks classy and stylish for party look.



Braided Ponytail

With the passage of time braids are becoming more attractive and seems in different advanced styles such as we hear about voluminous ponytail several time. Now you can also make braided ponytail to give an advanced look to your hairstyle.

French Braids

This is the type of braided hairstyle and the variations in this hairstyle is Dutch braid and fishtail braid. French braids are very demanding and suits with your every type of outfit. You are going either for a party or for official meeting. It will suit with both of events and best styling option for short curly hair.




Twisted Braid

Braids do not want long and lengthy hairs sometime shoulder length works better than long length. Some women love to have tight twist while other loves to have loose twist braid. No matter what you are choosing, it will be convenient and beautiful hairstyle.

Hence, above are some braided hairstyle for short curly hair and African hair. Braids are the easiest and take n time to style your hair in different but stylish way. These styles work with your every type of event and the most amazing thing is you do not need to have several hair styling product or hair accessories. Girls having curly or short hair don’t need to worry just adopt these hairstyles to give stylish and attractive look to your black curly or short hairs.


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