ALLSAINTS Dalby Leather Biker Jacket Blush Pink Review


Allsaints Dalby Leather Biker Jacket in Blush Pink Review

I’m excited to be sharing a new leather jacket review with you! We all know how much I love them and when I saw this one, I fell in love instantly. I will admit that it was an impulse buy as Adam and I had just walked into Allsaints to kill some time and browse around, fully intending not to buy anything, but then I saw it… The rest of the story will unfold in the review below for you. If you do want to see the other options I tried on as well and the ones you voted on in my IG stories, you can do so by heading to my Instagram (click here) and clicking the ‘Outfit & Selfie’ circle highlight (only view-able on the app) as the pictures are in there amongst my others. I hope you enjoy the review and the pictures! As always, if you have any questions, let me know below!

The Fit & Design

The Dalby is much like a classic biker cut, it features simple lapels that snap down securely with poppers so they don’t flap about (a design detail I love), and a slightly cropped fit. It has no belt around the bottom, no over the top zips, just two simple zipped pockets on each side and a sleek, minimal design all over. The main zipper is asymmetrical, giving it a more flattering look when it’s zipped up, but as I never zip my jackets up (due to a larger chest, smaller waist/shoulder ratio), that’s not really something I can talk about. Overall though, this design is something that I’m really into. I’ve got numerous jackets which are quilted, have multiple zips etc, but I wanted something clean and elegant and this is it. It fits me perfectly too. When I put it on in the changing room and looked in the mirror, I literally went ‘wow, this fits amazing’ and knew I had to have it! I do generally like my leather jackets to fit a little longer in general, but this slight cropped version suits the design.

The Sizing

I vary between a UK 4, 6 and 8 in leather jackets, especially when it comes to Allsaints as all their jackets are handmade and can often have sizing inconsistencies. I have a Papin in a UK 4 (which is now too small) and a Randall in a UK 4 (fits great), and my Balfern’s are size UK 6, but are now getting a little tight due to a small weight gain. I decided to opt for a UK 8 in the Dalby here as I tried the UK 6 and it was just too tight in my shoulders and looked silly. I know you’re supposed to get your leather jackets tight to begin with as they stretch out, but for this one, it has such an easy design and fit to it that it doesn’t matter in my opinion. I think this will look good over jumpers or worn slightly slouchy if it stretches out too much. As soon as I put the UK 8 on, I knew it was for me. It was incredibly comfortable, easy to move about in, and I didn’t feel restricted, so I went with it. I’ve come to realise it’s important to pick your comfortable size, as long as it fits well. As you can see from the photos, it’s the perfect size for my shoulders, arms, and waist.

The Colour & Leather

Now what’s funny is that I hadn’t paid any attention to this Dalby leather jacket online at all. In fact, I didn’t know it existed because I kept scrolling right past it. Online the colour didn’t look anything special and it seemed quite bland, but as soon as I saw it hanging up in the store, my eyes were drawn straight to it and they popped out my head. Blush pink has always been a weakness of mine (just like burgundy) as I find it so complementary to my skin tone and hair, and it looked stunning hanging up on the rail. I instantly took it down and knew I had to try it on. I tried on a couple of others too (a cream one here and a coral red one here), but they didn’t come close to how simple and understated this one was. It’s a gorgeous dusty rose, light salmon, blush pink colour. What ever you want to call it, it’s a beautiful pastel with nude undertones to it. I didn’t know such a flattering colour like this existed in a leather jacket, and it’s made even better with the silver hardware which is sitting on a dark grey, charcoal fabric that makes it more modern so it stands out.

Now getting to the leather, it’s one of the most buttery soft leathers I have ever felt. It’s a spring summer jacket so you can imagine that it’s lightweight and thin, but it’s so supple. It genuinely feels like butter and is a dream to touch and wear. It’s lined with polyester though so you can’t feel it on your skin when you’re wearing it, but the sleeves and everything else to touch are amazing. You have to feel it to know what I’m on about. It’s definitely high quality.

The Price & Wearability

Not only after trying this Allsaints Dalby leather jacket on was I sold on the fit and colour, but when I saw the price, I was pleasantly surprised. Normally high quality leather jackets retail for over £400 and a lot are over £500, up to £1000, so the fact that this one comes with a £298 price tag was wonderful. I know that’s still considered expensive for a high street jacket, but for Allsaints – that’s cheap. When some of their knitwear retails for around £150 and their coats for £300, you would expect a leather jacket of this quality to be a lot more money. I think it’s very affordable for a leather jacket you’d wear often, especially around this time of year.

Due to the fact this is a blush pink, close to nude, it’s very neutral and I find it pairs well with everything. It suits grey, black, white, other nudes, light blue etc, so you can pretty much wear it with any jeans, over dresses, whatever you want. You might think Blush Pink isn’t versatile, but like the sales assistant said as well, it actually acts as a nude/neutral, so it’s much more wearable than you might think. I can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can wear it!

Overall Opinion

I’m pretty sure that you can tell I love this leather jacket. I literally can’t fault it. I’m usually a procrastinator and someone who spends a long time thinking about something before I purchase it, but the fact that this was completely spur of the moment and I still don’t regret it at all, that says something. I would give it 9.9 out of 10! I would be slightly worried of the soft leather getting scratched, but that’s up to me to be careful. The fit, the design, the quality, the colour… it’s all amazing. I’m extremely happy that I bought it! I didn’t even want to wait for a sale just in case it sells out or I don’t find one that fitted me as perfect as this one did in the store. What do you think of it? If you’re looking for a new summer leather jacket, I can’t recommend it enough! I’d say buy it! I love my Boda Skins and other Allsaints leathers a lot, but as this one is completely different, it was a must!

P.S. – If you do decide to buy, it would help keep Raindrops of Sapphire running and be a huge support to me if you can buy through my link as it’s affiliated. Thank you! Lorna xx.

Buy this Dalby Blush Pink Leather Jacket at for £298

Buy this Dalby Blush Pink Leather Jacket at for £298


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