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In the Gardens

Just another set of photos of me frolicking around in the flowers 💁🏻 As I mentioned in my last post, the gardens at The Rectory were just beautiful, so Liv and I couldn’t help but have an impromptu photo shoot.

This won’t be the last time you’ll see me doing something similar this summer. There is something about the sun-scorched grass that I love. Whilst it’s technically dead, I quite like that everything is golden and resembles a hot country somewhere far flung. I can feel on holiday looking out of the window when I’m not. Best to look on the bright side, eh?

For those with a keen eye, you might recognise this as the beautiful Free People Love of my Life Midi. But it’s not. I actually spotted this very (in a cheeky way) similar dress on someone on Instagram, and after spotting that it’s neckline was just a few buttons higher, I had to have it, rip-off or not. I have two Love of my Life midis, and each time I wear them I either have to bare all or safety pin it up to cover up and feel comfortable. And I’ll do that for Free People, because I love  them, but if I can get my hands on something similar that I won’t have to puncture holes in, I’m all for it.

More from a very sunny England very soon!


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