Big Hats & Summer Dresses • WishWishWish


I forget just how much I love the simplicity of summer dressing until summer comes round. A dress, a pair of sandals, and perhaps a hat if we’re feeling particularly fancy, and you’re done.

I’ve admired dresses from Faithfull The Brand for a while now, but finally took the plunge with this beautiful yellow number for our Mauritius trip. I’ll have a wardrobe bursting at the seams but still feel the need to pick up a few new pieces before I travel somewhere – this gets a little dangerous when you travel regularly! But there is something about putting on a fresh new dress in a new destination – whenever I see it again in my wardrobe it’ll remind me of that place. Perhaps this is why my wardrobe is so full – being sentimental about clothing doesn’t make for a minimal life.

We took these photos in one of Shangri-La’s villas. It was amazing to pretend like we owned the place for a little while, and can only imagine how amazing a holiday with friends or family staying in one of these beautiful properties would be.

Whilst getting to travel is a total blessing, it’s the people that you travel with that really make it. We’re in the midst of booking our first big family trip in a very long time, and I’m excited. It might not look exactly like this, but that won’t matter.


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