Campania & Jones • WishWishWish


Last week after a shoot, Liv and I wandered down a very quiet weekday Columbia Road in order to find somewhere to eat for lunch. It’s crazy just how different it is here during the week; the shops shuttered up and not another person to be seen. If you visit on a Sunday you can barely walk for people and tiny dogs and flowers. Thankfully, not everywhere was closed – we spotted Campania and Jones, a restaurant I’ve wanted to visit for ages, but as I’d only ever been past on weekends, I’d never managed to get a table.

This cosy spot serves up southern Italian fare, which couldn’t have been more ideal for Liv and I – both pasta fanatics. Any restaurant where you can spot people rolling out fresh pasta in the back is great in my books! We both ordered butter and sage gnudi – a gnocci-like dish made with ricotta. Those little cheesy balls (as you can tell, I don’t have a second job as a food critic) were very tasty, and made me realise I need to return ASAP to test out more of the menu. See you again for another weekday feast, Campania?


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