Currently Craving Wish List: March 2018


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Can you believe we are about to step into April? Happy Easter for tomorrow everyone! Since I always round out the months with a Currently Craving Wish List, I will get straight to it. This month has been one that’s tested my ‘no buying’ rule to the limit actually and to cut a long story short, I broke and have bought two things. In my defense, one of the items was what I was saving up for and selling things I own to put money towards it (more on that soon) and the other was a spur of the moment impulse purchase which I absolutely do not regret – it’s amazing! So, what’s on my wish list for March and April?

First up on the top line are those Gucci sneakers! How amazing are those? Crystals and rainbow metallic? Yes please! They also come in Black (click here). Then there’s a dainty ring, an adorable Kate Spade watch and denim bag (which is definitely very me!), some Gucci sunglasses and a crystal bee ring. I’ve never really bought anything from Kate Spade before, but she really does make some cute little items! Number 7 is from her too.

Now on the bottom line, we start off with the Rebecca Minkoff clutch in a straw material which is ideal for summer, a Balmain blazer (which has been a want of mine for years as they are supposed to fit perfectly), a pair of white Gucci loafers, and then this gorgeous party dress from ikrush! I’m all for wearing more dresses in the summertime and this one in bright red looks ideal. I could definitely see myself styling looks around that one, especially with a leather jacket… which leads me to the next collage below!

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I went in Allsaints last weekend and these are the three jackets I fell in love with. I tried them on and put a poll on my Instagram stories asking which one you preferred, and I actually ended up buying one, which those of you who follow me will know! But anyone who isn’t on my Instagram, you will find out in a little while when I do a review of it. I love all three though and adore Allsaints leather jackets (read my review on the Papin), but if you want to guess, which one did I pick? I can’t recommend them enough!

And then on a final note, I haven’t included it in the imagery, but if anyone is interested in a bag that looks just like a certain designer bag that everyone knows, but for only around £15, you can click here to check it out. It’s a great inspired design! What do you think of it? And as always, let me know what items are on your wish list and what you love from mine! Lorna xx.


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