Currently Craving Wish List: May 2018


Senreve Mini Maestra Bag in Merlot

Since they shut down Polyvore last month, I’m setting out my wish lists in a different way now. I know I have Photoshop, but it takes 4 times as long as what Polyvore did, so I’m doing it this way. I’ve chosen a mixture of items I’ve recently purchased and items that I would love to own, so May’s Currently Craving roundup is filled with things I recommend! I’m going to be speaking about each item underneath the corresponding photo, and of course you can purchase it via the link directly under the image as well. I hope you enjoy it!

Above is the Senreve Mini Maestra Bag in Merlot. I’ve liked these bags for quite a while and enjoy the shape of them, but I think the burgundy tone is gorgeous! It even comes in a coral (see here) which I absolutely love, but I think burgundy would be the best suited to me.

Topshop Dot Wrap Red Top

I don’t own this top, but when I saw it earlier on the Topshop website, I thought it was gorgeous! How cute would it look with high rise black skinny jeans?!

Oasis Cotton White Shirt

I purchased this shirt a couple of weeks ago and it’s one of the best white cotton shirts! It’s comfortable, breezy and so easy wearing that I’ve been living in it all holiday! It works just as well over things as it does as a single piece. I took size 10 in it so it was oversized and comfortable. I can’t recommend this one enough!

Oasis Seahorse Playsuit

Again, I purchased this playsuit with the shirt and I’ve also lived in it all holiday in Lyme Regis. It’s comfortable, lightweight and so easy to wear. I love the fact it just works as an entire outfit too, and you can wear the shoulders down or up. The length is long enough to be modest and I actually find the design, colour and print of it to be quite mature. I took size 10 and it’s perfect.

Kate Spade California Dreaming Card Holder

I got this little card holder last month for the times I’m just wearing my smaller bags and not using a purse. It’s ideal for carrying my cards and notes without losing anything! The design on it is just so cute too, it’s literally adorable! I’m really into Kate Spade right now if you hadn’t noticed!

H&M Red Striped Cotton Shirt

A more fun take on the blue and white striped classic shirt, but in red. I want to get a shirt like this to wear with my jeans and denim shorts, but am yet to find one I liked. This H&M one could be perfect!

Topshop Rainbow Striped Camisole

I’ve always loved rainbow stripes and this camisole actually brings back so many memories. I remember when I was about 11 and all I wanted was a rainbow striped top to go with my indigo slim fit jeans and I could never find one. Why didn’t this exist back then? I would have been all over it! Perhaps I should still get it for old times sake!

Topshop Embroidered Shirt

I’m definitely very much into shirts and blouses now, so much so that it’s what I’m gravitating towards when I shop. I think as I age and approach 30, my tastes are still maturing and I love anything pretty, but mature like this.

Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop Jeans in Canopy Green

Since I last did my wish list, I haven’t purchased any new denim still! I do however have my eye on these jeans here as I love the khaki colour to them. I think it’s so sophisticated and would look so chic with my white shirt! How many of you love this type of green on jeans?

Yumi Flamingo Print Jumpsuit

Finally, we have this flamingo playsuit! I actually bought it a few weeks ago and I wasn’t expecting to like it, but I absolutely LOVE it! I took it on holiday with me along with the playsuit with the seahorses and I lived in both of them. It’s light and breezy enough to be perfect for the summer, especially the evenings, but it’s fun too. I didn’t think something like this could be so flattering as well as pretty! It’s another piece I recommend to you!

– So, out of these 10 items, which do you love the most? You can see some of the pieces I was talking about on my Instagram Lyme Regis story highlight on my profile. Otherwise, I’ll be sharing the outfits next month for you! Happy Saturday! Lorna.


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