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Remember earlier in the year when I popped to Painswick (what is it with me an alliteration?) with one of my favourite jewellery brands, Daisy? Well, they decided it was about time to head off together again, this time a little further afield, for the launch of their Healing Stones collection (more on that in a bit..!)

Being totally honest with you, I had to Google South Tyrol when working out where on earth it was we were headed. As it turns out, this absolutely stunning part of the world is a province in northeast Italy, bordering with Austria. With the promise of pasta and spending time with some seriously inspiration women (looking at you Liv, Lizzy and Lindsey), I couldn’t wait to get there.

Our trip began in Merano, and started as it meant to go on, with plenty of conversation and lots of carbs. It became apparent very quickly that although we were in Italy, there was more than just a little Austrian influence here – it was a true mixture of the both. From German menus and language to Italian antipasti and vineyards. I’d never been anywhere quite like it!

After a night in Merano, we made our way across to a winery, Alois Lageder. Here I gorged on another plate of pasta (if it’s a different shape, it doesn’t count!) and we all couldn’t resist a few photos in the most idyllic of courtyards. I was in my element!

Then it was off to our next stop, Caldaro. We checked in to Hotel Das Wanda (would very much reccomend if you’re planning a trip to the area!), all in awe of the peace and quiet that surrounded us. Vineyards and mountains for as far as the eye could see. I understood why Daisy chose this as the place to launch their collection – it’s a grounding and meditative place, matching up perfectly with the ethos behind the collection.

Featuring seven different gemstones, each delicate piece brings it’s own unique properties. I went for a bracelet in Green Aventurine, said to bring confidence, luck and prosperity – all things I’m sure we could all do with from time to time. I’ve barely taken mine off since I was kindly given it!

After a slow afternoon drinking tea, it was time for yet another plate of pasta (I told you I love carbs..) at a local restaurant. Surrounded by roses, vineyards and beautiful crumbling buildings, I knew South Tyrol was my kind of place. More in my next post!


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