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Hello there New Zealand! A few weeks a go I landed in this beautiful country for the first time, extremely eager to explore and see the kind of landscapes that I’d heard so much about. Starting off at Abel Tasman National Park certainly ticked off that box!

We hopped on a boat over to Torrent Bay, spotting people kayaking in the sunshine and swimming at Split Apple Rock. A quick change of clothes was in order (not the most practical one in my case) before we set off on a hike to nearby Cleopatra’s Pool. After a lot of stopping to take in the scenery, we arrived and navigated our way across the rocks to Cleopatra’s Pool. This natural rock pool is the perfect place to strip off and hop in the water, but I wasn’t quite brave enough to get in! Sitting on the rocks and watching as the rest of our group jumped in was entertainment enough, and after poking a couple of toes in I was glad I didn’t bring my swimsuit..!

Liv and I strolled back in a leisurely fashion, snapping a few pictures along the way. It’s amazing how tropical it felt, amongst the palm trees and the blue water.

The next day in Abel Tasman the weather couldn’t have been more different. The rain was hammering, but our hike went ahead, meaning my poor camera got packed away safely to avoid getting it wet. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture much at all, but I’ve got plenty of memories! Wonderful vistas filled with trees and secluded beaches, birdsong that I’d never heard before, and very wet feet. I wish I could have spent more time looking up rather than watching the floor and which puddles to avoid, but you can’t help the weather. It’s the perfect excuse to come back, because there was just so much to see.

Sadly the weather also meant we couldn’t go kayaking – something that you must do if you head to Abel Tasman. Like I said, next time 😉

I’ll be popping up a post with all of the finer details for those of you planning a trip to New Zealand, but until then, photos!


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