Flying to Paradise


Flying to Mauritius


I think boarding my first ever Emirates flight with Miguel and taking our seats in Business Class was one of those “pinch me” moments in life. I don’t want to downplay it and pretend it’s totally normal for me to jet off to tropical islands in the most luxurious way possible – being asked to join Emirates and experience their flight to Mauritius via Dubai was a treat to say the least.

The kind of treat that you can very quickly get used to! After not having to worry about getting to Heathrow thanks to their chauffeur service, filling up on breakfast in the very roomy business lounge and getting as cosy as possible in our recliners, I’m not sure any other airline is going to cut it in future!

We spent the majority of our 12+ hour journey to Mauritius binging films (the entertainment selection is so vast that it took us until about an hour in to work out what on earth to watch!) whilst eating what might be the best plane food I’ve ever been served (not even hyperbole – I’m still thinking about the chicken schnitzel and cheese sandwich now).

Another highlight of our Emirates flight was the lounge, complete with bar. Being able to wander around, pick up freshly made drinks and grab petit-fours was such a novelty that I spent ages there. You could almost pretend you were at a real bar, were it not for the view of the clouds outside.

Having never even been upstairs on a flight before, I was excited to see what went on. Impeccable, friendly service, good food and the best kind of relaxation, so it turns out. If you plan on heading to Mauritius for a special occassion like a honeymoon, I would wholly reccomend taking Business Class flights with Emirates as the icing on the cake and starting your trip in total luxury.

After landing in Mauritius, it was time to make our way to the hotel. We drove through the familiar fields of sugarcane, surrounded by mountains. This was my third time visiting the island, and I couldn’t wait to see another part of it.

Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort is located on the east of the island, a spot I’d only visited before in passing. After a 45 minute drive from the airport we’d arrived, and were greeted in the most wonderful way with local Sega and drinks.

We spent a good while ooh-ing and ahh-ing at our room and it’s sea view before getting ready and heading out to make the most of the resort before the sun went down.

I couldn’t contain how happy I was when I was on the beach at happy hour. Miguel and I hadn’t been on a trip like this together since our honeymoon two years ago. Sitting on the beach with a piña colada in hand and watching the sun set isn’t something I realised I missed until I was there. With music playing and people buzzing around the bar, I was reminded that this is why people go on holiday.

Miguel and I spend most of our money visiting cities or exploring, but to stop and watch a sunset on a beach and live slowly, even if only for a few days, is heaven.

After filling up on a buffet breakfast (I need to restrain myself as I remember I’ll be eating again just a few hours..) Miguel and I strolled over to the jetty to catch the boat over to Shangri-La’s private island, Ilot Mangénie.

Here, guests can almost pretend they are on their own desert island. We were lucky enough to have our own cabana, so made ourselves at home for the morning. Whilst I’m sure Miguel would like to say we snoozed on the beach for a couple of hours, the reality is that I’m totally restless and kept pestering him to come and look at hermit crabs or sea urchins I’d found.

For lunch we ate pizza on the beach, followed by the yummiest frozen pineapple that we almost had to fight a cheeky lizard for. He was cute, so I didn’t mind sharing.

With a full belly I eventually left Miguel in peace, popped on a Podcast and attempted to do a little tanning!

After lunch we head back over to the resort and made sure to take a look around all the bits we hadn’t got to yet, including taking photos at one of their beautiful private villas (the results of which I’ll be sharing in another post!).

We enjoyed another happy hour sunset before heading to get ready for a special dinner that I’ll be telling you about in-depth in another post (I’m such a tease). Let’s just say that Shangri-La know what they are doing when it comes to dining!

Jetlag can be a wonderful thing when it means you get up early to make the most of the mornings. Our second full day at the resort began with a giant breakfast before a trip to see the resorts giant tortoises.

If it’s not clear from all the creature mentions above, I’m a bit of an animal fanatic. Miguel and I made friends with the prehistoric-looking gentle giants, who enjoyed a good neck rub. This may or may not have been my favourite part of the trip..! It’s an honour to be able to spend time with some of Mauritius’ oldest living inhabitants.

My Mauritius diary will be continued very soon!

I was a lucky guest of Emirates and Shangri-La during this trip, but all opinions are my own

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