How I Got My Smile Back with Lingual Braces: Treatment Review


Let’s get to the whys and hows first.

Why did I go for Lingual braces particularly? Mainly, I didn’t want to go for Invisalign. I’m not overly sure why – I just didn’t like the idea of going for a retainer that you take in and out of your mouth. I had had a retainer years previous, when I first underwent fitted braces and a follow up retainer – and it’s due to never wearing that retainer that my teeth got pushed back out of shape again. I went through about 5 years of dental work back in High School – and it was completely wasted due to never wearing that retainer. If you’re reading this and currently have a retainer you hate, please don’t forget to wear it ALL. THE. TIME. It’s one of my biggest regrets. So, I wanted to just have them attached to my teeth at all times, no questions asked and no forgotten nights without them. And I personally didn’t want to go for fitted braces on the front of my teeth – because I had them for three years from the age of 12, so I’ve been there, done that and preferred not to do it again at this point. Personal preference.

Anyway, I had teeth that were completely out of line. The centre of my two front teeth was nowhere near the centre of my face, and one tooth was longer than the other due to being lopsided, so it all looked crooked. And my bottom teeth were crossed over in the centre too. I had 8 teeth taken out as a child, and quite frankly my mouth is pretty tiny, so I’ve always had difficulties with there not being enough room for my teeth. In fact, have a peek at this video from a few years back and the way my teeth looked – and then watch this video or any recent video, and you’ll see the change in my teeth, my jaw and my overall face shape. Huge difference. I couldn’t be happier.

So where did I go?

I had my treatments at the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic with Asif Chatoo, based on Wimpole Street in London near Harley Street. The clinic is wonderful, with the friendliest, happiest staff and a really relaxing and calm atmosphere. Just a lovely vibe whenever I visited. Asif was very much concerned with never keeping his clients waiting, so he runs his clinic extremely professionally and timely. If you’re there on time, then you will be seen speedily. It was just a wonderfully run clinic overall.

Asif is also one of the loveliest people you can meet. Very calm, always happy to talk everything through, eager to make you feel comfortable and clear of the process, and just a very friendly gentleman. And the other ladies and assistants he worked with were all extremely lovely. Honestly, I can’t recommend the clinic more and I would recommend to everyone and anyone looking to embark on a Lingual Brace journey.


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