How I’m Changing My Life Before I’m 30


Meeting New People

As I’ve gotten older and especially in the past few years, I’ve found that my immediate friendship group has definitely gotten smaller, quality over quantity, but my friendship circle as a whole has grown far larger. I’ve met so many new colleagues and friends who prove to me every single day that there is so much to do, see and learn as I explore this life and world. The idea of another year to fill with people who inspire me, is one to be excited about and the idea of knowing there are people yet to come into my life who will make me a better version of myself, makes me so thrilled to be getting a little older. I’m so happy to let new people into my life, but the right ones are always a special needle in a haystack. Yet as life goes on, I realise how much it can benefit me to spend time with new people who have so much to share – 30 is going to be all about newness!


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