How To Get Over Being Cheated On



Easier said than done in every respect, but once the red mist has cleared and you’ve taken that time for yourself, you’ll find yourself needing to be strong and self-respecting. I can hand on heart say one of the best decisions I eventually made, was leaving a partner who cheated on me consistently. I convinced myself it wouldn’t happen again, I assumed I could be the one to fix it and I was so sure that part of the blame lied with me. When in reality, none of those things were vaguely true. The second I wised up and found the strength to break up with him, was the second my self respect soared and I became an entirely new version of myself. I have never again let anyone walk all over me, I’ve known immediately when it isn’t my fault and it’s made me a stronger person in every aspect of my life. Find your strength and roll with it, you won’t ever regret standing up for yourself and realising you have nothing to be ashamed of.

I went back so many times to cheaters – and trust me, it does not work out. Once a cheater, always a cheater is something I believe to be true. If they can treat you that way once, and they get away with it, the chances are they may do it again. Every situation is different, but I just wanted you to know, that you deserve better and although it hurts now, you will look back on that old relationship and pity that other person who ever took you for granted.


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