How To Nail a Job Interview



And last but certainly not least, be thankful! I’m not talking drop down on your knees and thanking them for possibly changing your entire life, but be kind enough to thank them for their time. Working in retail especially showed me just how many CVs stores/companies receive on a daily basis. Your initial description of yourself, your experience and possibly your education has allowed you to be able to take the first step in reaching for a new job or career, and to thank the interviewer is only right. Thank them for seeing you, wish them a great day and perhaps drop in a little ‘I hope to see you again soon!’, leaving them knowing you are not only polite and grateful for the chance to interview, but also showed interest in the position from start to finish. Now all you can do is cross your fingers and hope you presented the best version of yourself, good luck!




Please feel free share your top tips for interviewing below, I’d really love to hear what you do to prepare for an interview and if you have any insights for anyone else shooting for a new job. Similarly I’d love to hear of any great, or not so great, experiences you’ve had so that we can all learn what and what not to do!


Shots taken in Venice at the end of an incredible road trip through the Alps to celebrate the release of the new Bentley Continental GT. Find out more about the trip and the car here.


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