How To Reignite Your Passion for Work


Lots of people thrive on the pressures of work and the constant stream of tasks hitting their desk, but even the most motivated individual can burn out if they’re not aware of their own limits. I hold my hands up and say that although I like to think I know my limits, I burn myself out both physically and mentally, way sooner than I think I can last. It’s only when you take that long weekend, that early finish or that work from home day, that you suddenly realise just how exhausted you are. Being overworked (and sometimes underpaid along with it) benefits absolutely no one. You may think you’re giving 100% but in reality, you working on caffeine fumes and not much else, definitely won’t produce the standard of work you’re proud of. Remember, your boss isn’t a mind reader! If you willingly take on a workload, that’s more than you can handle, the jobs will continue coming your way until you A) let someone know you need a little help or until you B) make a mistake – I know which one I’d prefer! The second your workload becomes accomplishable, you’ll be much happier in your role!


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