How to Style the Statement Trouser


Keep the rest of your outfit simple! 

I know, I know – groundbreaking right? But very easy to get wrong, believe me! I have often thought my chosen outfit was quite chic, simple and classic, only to see pictures later on from an event and realise that perhaps my initial definition of simple, didn’t quite hit the mark I was aiming for. Take this look for example. You may have seen over on the vlog, I wasn’t initially sure what coat to team with the look and then all I could think of was the palette surrounding the trousers. Not only did I need to keep this look simple, I needed to stick with an earth toned, colour palette to let the trousers do their thing and to keep the rest of the look as strong as them. Cue tan boots (albeit with a fun heel!), stone trench and cream top. Perfect to sit alongside the vibrant shade of red, in the key piece of the look.


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