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Welcome to the second half of my travel diary from Mauritius (if you missed the first – you can read it here)! We’ll pick up where we left off – the rainy morning visiting the tortoises. It didn’t take long for the shower to pass  – it’s expected visiting a tropical country, and a welcome break from the humidity.

I don’t deal too well in the heat, but the mid-high 20s temperatures in Mauritius were absolutely perfect. Hot enough to want to jump in the pool but not so much that we were ever uncomfortable.

That day we had a cooking class at Safran. We would be learning how to cook our own Indian lunch with their chef. We’d perhaps indulged in one too many pastries at the breakfast buffet to be too excited to eat a curry, but after watching the chef put together a simple but effective chicken curry and the restaurants’ signature tandoori salmon, we couldn’t help but eat it all anyway. The smells were incredible!

Our afternoon was spent in the most heavenly way possible. After hopping in the pool and sitting to dry off listening to audiobooks, we made our way to the spa for a couples massage. I can safely say it was one of the most relaxing massages I’ve ever had – and I know because I was barely able to stay conscious! But I always feel a massage is wasted if you can’t remember it, so did my best to stay awake!

As I mentioned previously, I’m not the best at relaxing. I prefer doing something (this extends to when I’m at home – sitting with a book for five minutes is a struggle), so often found myself pottering around with my camera taking photos of palm trees whilst I let Miguel get some much-needed rest.

On our last day, rather than sit around (much to Miguel’s disappointment) I wanted to go and DO something. Last year when I visited the island I remember having the best time visiting Île aux Cerfs and it’s surrounding areas by boat. As we were right next to it, we found a man with a boat and splurged on a hour out with him, just Miguel and I.

We went to the nearby waterfall (I was hoping to catch a glimpse of monkeys like I had last time – we did!) before sailing out to where the reef meets the ocean. We watched as the waves crashed, creating a perfect line between two colours of water.

That evening was our last, and I’m so glad we made the most of it with the boat trip. We went back to our room to be sensible and pack our things so we could maximise our last few hours in the morning.

I was so glad I was finally able to share this special country with Miguel. I’m pretty sure he loved it, too.

I was a guest of Shangri-La during my time in Mauritius, but all opinions are my own!

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