It’s Christmas Time In The City


Can anyone believe it’s actually just three short days until Christmas? I feel like I say it every month/year (delete as appropriate) but looking back through December, it’s a bit astounding to think about how quickly it’s gone (that, and the fact I STILL HAVE BLOODY SHOPPING TO BUY). Regardless, it feels like it’s been a pretty exciting lead up, and as Joe so accurately put it ‘I feel like I’ve been listening to Heart Extra Christmas for months now’- so perhaps it hasn’t flown by all that quickly after all.

After getting back from Canada earlier this week (more on that very soon), I did have a little bit of a reflect about how we document the festive period online, after having a bit of a daft moment of self doubt and thinking that my ‘content’ (and ‘grid’) hadn’t been festive enough this year. I mean really?! GIRL, YOU’RE A MINCE PIE SHORT OF YOUR SANITY. It’s funny the weird little subliminal norms we have programmed into us because of the internet, and just because a few snapshots of candid daily life didn’t look gallery worthy I stared wondering if I’d even gotten into the spirit- sorry, what? I mean, I love seeing wreaths, sparkly trees and flashbulb party outfit photography as much as the next person (really, you should see my Instagram saved)- but around this time of year I do think sometimes the pressure can be applied to feel the need to do things a certain way (which Lizzy so beautifully articulated in her vlog this week too).

So, just as a little reminder- don’t fret if you haven’t shared every moment online this season. You’re not obliged to paint things in the most beautiful light, but namely just remember to enjoy them as they happen. This week my ‘festive’ feed has included everything from snaps from the #FreePeriods protest, a video about my visit to the Help Refugees #ChooseLove shop (it’s open for two more days FYI) and a new ‘do (which again, I’ll be talking about soon). All of those things do feel somewhat festive to me, and despite not being trees, tinsel and perfectly packaged parcels, I try to remember, that nope, in the grand scheme of things- that really doesn’t matter.

So! Brain farts and internet musings aside, these snaps were taken in one of my favourite, and often unvisited, spots in London- Leadenhall Market. Tucked a little away from the bustle of the old city, this little market seems to feel festive all year round, but somehow still comes into it’s own around Christmas time. Perhaps it’s the burgundy reds, gold trimmings and fir decor that suckered me in, but visiting just before Christmas- when the pubs are overspilling and people are racing around will rustling paper bags, it’s a spot that encapsulates London at this time of year- especially when it’s before the last day of work!

Pairing my favourite new (and shockingly un-itchy) jumper from & other stories with my numero uno beret, jeans and boots– it made for the perfect outfit for an unseasonably warm winters day (I mean, first snow- NOW THIS?) and the most apt uniform for a day of dramatic spontaneous haircuts, protesting and last minute errands- THREE DAYS TO GO!


(Jumper: C/O & Other Stories, Jeans: Levi’s Wedgie, Boots: Reserved, Hat: Topshop, Bag: & Other Stories)


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