Kim Kardashian Promotes New Perfume Nude and Covered in Clay


Have you always dreamed of the day when you could own Kim Kardashian West’s nude likeness in perfume bottle form?

Well, it’s almost time to make that dream a reality. After making major splashes with her previous two perfume launches, the new KKWBODY collection promises to be the most buzzworthy KKW Beauty launch yet. You see, the bottles will be rendered as a detailed (and maybe even a little NSFW) homage to the reality star’s iconic hourglass figure.

Kardashian West announced the news by posting a picture of her body painted over in a thin layer of plaster from neck to kneecaps. “We took a mold of my body and made it a perfume bottle,” she explained in the caption. For fans of the recently returned Westworld, the image bears more than a passing resemblance to the show’s eerie new drone hosts.

With 2.6 million Instagram likes and counting, girl sure does know how to self-promote. The latest (and possibly greatest) from the KKW Beauty line will launch April 30 on

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