Luxury Wristwear – Is It Worth The Investment?


What Luxury Wristwear Pieces Are Worth The Investment?

Luxury and designer wristwear is something that is extremely popular, but everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on it. While some think it’s insane to spend such a large sum of money on a small item, others see them as investment pieces that are good for the future, not just now. I thought I would do a little post on the topic since I own a mixture of luxury and non luxury items, meaning I have an opinion from both sides of the conversation. I’m not at all an expert, but over the years I have come to learn what’s a good investment and what isn’t, but if it’s a timepiece or bracelet you’re looking at as a fun piece to wear and can afford it, go for it as well!

My watch featured above is the BVLGARI LVCEA and it was the very first watch that I bought from a luxury brand. The LVCEA collection has been out for a few years now and this particular one is still available to buy, but I have noticed it hasn’t held its value. BVLGARI are not known for their watches being an investment and are more of a statement instead, so I don’t recommend them for buying to sell at a later point as they decrease in value when they’re used. It doesn’t matter to me though as I have no intention of selling this beautiful watch and saved up for it because I love it, but for anyone wanting a luxury timepiece which holds its value, opting for more of a fashion watch isn’t the way to go as you wont get much return. This leads me to the next paragraph below…

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Rolex is a fantastic place to start if you want investment. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Swiss luxury watch maker as they’re the most famous in the world. They are known for holding their value and the pre-owned styles over time can even cost more than what they were purchased for originally – depending on demand.

Omega is a great brand for an alternative, as is Patek Philippe, but the ultimate in luxury wristwear would be Rolex for me. I’m yet to own one, but something like a vintage Rolex is a true collectors item. When properly maintained, something like this vintage Rolex watch on Bob’s Watches above (called the Oyster Precision ref 6426) offers a precise reading for many years of wear, meaning it’s a great investment. It also boasts one of Rolex’s most iconic features, the Oyster case, which is known for its waterproof capabilities and overall durability. You can change the bracelet with a leather strap too, so it makes it a highly sought after piece, but be sure to keep the original safe.

As a vintage item, this Rolex also carries with it an incredible history that will add immense character to any outfit. Depending on the condition of the individual watch, something like the reference 6426 can be found with an affordable price tag that will appeal to collectors of all budgets, however References that offer original parts, such as the dial and bracelet, command a higher price on the pre-owned market. This is a really important factor if you’re buying new – keeping all the original parts as well as the box and papers means you can sell it for a lot more in the future, they’re important! Understanding the vintage Rolex market shows us just how much of an investment their watches truly are.

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Now getting to jewellery, it can often be hit or miss. I’ve learned that unless jewellery (in this case a bracelet) has a designer name attached to it, it doesn’t hold any value and often ends up only being worth the metal and jewels it’s made with. If you have some vintage pieces however, they can command a higher price tag when you sell them, but this varies greatly on the demand and the age/condition of the item. Tiffany is a brilliant brand to invest in as you can always sell their jewellery due to the name association, however with their retail prices costing a small fortune, it’s not always worth it and would need to be pieces you held on to for decades.

One bracelet that is worth investing in however is the Cartier Love Bracelet (above). Can you believe this design is almost 50 years old? It holds its value too because the price increases every single year, so you can often sell them pre-owned for a very good price. They come in numerous styles including white, yellow and rose gold, encrusted with diamonds or just minimal, so there’s a large selection to choose from. I’ve done some research on the Cartier Love Bracelet too and everyone seems to be in agreement that if you want a designer bracelet, this is the piece to choose for the value and the fact that it’s the most sought after bracelet in the fashion world.

A final tip, like I explained in my must have designer accessories post, is always opt for a classic piece. If you want jewellery to enjoy and wear for fun, that’s fine, buy as you wish, but for re-sale purposes in the future and having something that’s an investment because you can wear it with anything, always go classic. Diamond tennis bracelets are a good idea, nothing too fancy and over the top for watches etc, always keep it simple. That’s the rule I live by with my bags now too, it’s easier to style them with as many outfits as possible and they wont be dated in the future. What’s your opinion on luxury wristwear? Is it worth the investment for you?


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