Tips to Make Your Red Lipstick Long Lasting for 24-Hours


Want your red lipstick to stay for 24-hours? Tired to repeat your lipstick coats? We have found to make your lipstick long lasting for the whole day. You can find tons of products to make it possible or many lip-glosses, which last for 24-hours, but all cannot satisfy your all needs and also can cost much from your expectations. Therefore, you do not have need to spend much money, just follow simple tips while doing your makeover and make your red lipstick long lasting for whole day.

Just like we use primer to prevent our eye shadow from wearing off lips also needs primer to make remain your lipstick on your lips for the whole day. However spending much money to buy lips primer I prefer some home tricks instead. Just follow simple tips below.

Your Lips should as Smooth as possible

To make your lipstick long lasting first thing should be in your mind that your lips should not have dead skin or rough skin. It not also looks ugly but also makes your lipstick quickly wear off. A simple home remedy, which you can use on daily basis, is rub your lips with your toothbrush by using some sugar scrub which you can easily find form any cosmetic shop. This will not only exfoliate your lips but also prevents your lips from dryness.

Moisturizer or lip balm should be in your daily routine

To get attractive and smooth lips don’t forget to use moisturizer or lip balm on your lips in your daily routine and also before applying any color to your lips moisturizer is must to make your lipstick long lasting.

Use Concealer or Foundation

Before applying your lipstick to your lips try to use concealer or your regular foundation on your lips. This will help to stay your lipstick for 24-hours. If you have dark skin tone, this will enhance your lipstick true color.

It is time to add your favorite Red Color

After applying foundation to your lips, add your favorite red color to your lips. It will remain stick to your lips for whole the day or for whole of your event. You do not have need to coat again and again on your lips.

Use Translucent Powder

Heard about Translucent Powder? This you can find form your nearest cosmetic store or you can also use your baby powder to make your lipstick long lasting. Just put a tissue on your lips after application of your lipstick, and dab translucent powder with brush. For sure, your lipstick will stay for as long as you want.

These easy and simple tricks will help you to make your lipstick long lasting. But one thing should be in your mind that avoid oily food or greasy item because these items can effect to your lipstick and can be cause to wear off your lip colour.

Extra Tips

  • If you have, thin lips always use lip pencil or lip liner. It will make your lips prominent and bigger.
  • If you have dark skin, tone does not afraid to use bold lip colour. Trust me dark colours suits well with every type of skin tone.
  • Try to use shimmer on your lips it will gives extra classy look to your lips
  • Want natural pink lips? There is simple and easy home remedy to get natural pink lips at home. Use beetroot with some glycerin. Use this mixture on your lips every night before going to sleep. It will give your lips a natural pink color.


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