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I was going to keep this spot as a recommendation for summer, what with it being an ice cream place, but as far as I’m concerned, ice cream doesn’t go out of season.

You might have seen it on Instagram already, with it’s pink exterior, leafy wallpaper and extremely photogenic ice cream. I’m lucky that it’s a local haunt, so I can get my fill of ube ice cream whenever I like. Yep, you heard me, ube ice cream. It’s the purple stuff! Mamasons is a Filipino ice cream parlour, so you won’t find your regular flavours here. Instead, you’ve got new treats to try, like Milo (a malty, chocolatey flavour), black buko, kalamansi and matcha. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a clue what any of the above taste like, the friendly staff will help you out.

This visit we decided to try their new doughnuts, one in Ube (that’s the purple) and one in Milo. They were amazing! Although, a warning to you – they are so popular that at the moment your best bet picking one up is to pre-order them on Instagram. Mad, eh?

Walk up from Camden or down from Kentish Town, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth you won’t be disappointed.


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