Mondaine SBB Classic Watch In Cerise Red Review

As you know, I love watches, so when I got the opportunity to work with Mondaine, I jumped at the chance. For those of you not familiar with the brand, they’re a brand that unifies timeless Swiss design with function, form and invention for today, tomorrow and always. They have been in the business over 50 years after being founded in the 1950’s. They decided the concept of using the iconic Swiss Railways Clock as an original timepiece for the wrist was a unique idea, which I think it is, and Mondaine now keep things simple, genuine and in time with the modern world, all while having that iconic face that everyone recognises.

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with a brand that has such heritage and status, so I’m excited to share with you one of their brand new designs, the Mondaine SBB Classic. This gorgeous timepiece is part of the new collection that involves a splash of colour as they have released 3 watches in red, yellow, and blue, featuring their recognisable dial. Mondaine came up with this unique concept by using their classic collection and updating this definitive design with a bold pop of colour.

The idea behind this was to inject a true sense of joy to the range, which I think they have captured perfectly. The shades of cerise, sky blue and canary yellow are ideal for making a statement, especially since the straps have a quirky hole pattern on them, blending in the fastener holes, coupled with the tone-on-tone genuine leather stitching. It’s seamless! Each of these watches features a matt brushed case and silver dial, nickel polished hour markers, hands, and logo, plus it’s water resistant up to 30M. The hands even glow in the dark to ensure you can always tell the time! How cool is that?

I’ve obviously chosen the Mondaine SBB Classic Watch in Cerise Red here in size 40mm as I think it’s suited to my style. I love a statement piece! I do like smaller watches, but 30mm was just a bit too small for my wrist, so I’ve chosen the larger timepiece and I love it. It was hard narrowing down my selection, but I am glad I went for this one as I love that the second hand matches the strap. Since this watch is so bright and cheerful, I decided to take my photos in a similar way, using bold and bright shades to colour block and complement it, like you can see in the flat lays. I’m always drawn to primary colours! However for the outfit, I’ve shown a mixture of how it can go with other bold shades (like this outfit) or it can also be dressed up as you can see, letting your wrist do the talking.

This Mondaine SBB Classic Watch retails for £179 and given the quality, I think that’s actually a great price as it’s on par with a lot of wonderful watch retailers, and cheaper than some too, so if you love bold, statement watches and you’re drawn to colour like I am, you should definitely check out this new collection from Mondaine! I’m intrigued to know, which is your favourite? The red, yellow, or blue? Comment your answer below and tell me what you think of it! Lorna xx.


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