Moschino Teddy Bear Slides Review


Moschino Teddy Bear Slides Review

As you know, I really love slides and summer shoes, so much so that I included these and a couple of others in my favourite summer shoes post. I was yet to own a pair of designer slides though, so when I saw these Moschino Teddy Bear sandals a couple of months ago, I fell in love. I’ve been wearing them for a while (as you can see from the creases) so I thought I would do a review for you and give my opinions, both the good and bad. I hope you like it!

The Sizing

I’m always between a 39/40 (which is a UK 6-7) in shoes and when it comes to Italian or European footwear in general, I’m always a 40. As Moschino is an Italian designer, I knew to take the size 40 and I was correct. They fit snug and perfectly actually, so if you’re between sizes, I recommend you go with the larger one and they should fit just fine! The footbed is moulded to fit your toes, so you do want to make sure you get the right size otherwise it can be slightly uncomfortable.

The Design & Style

The design and style of these Moschino Bear Slides was what actually attracted me to the shoes in the first place. I’ve never owned anything from the brand before as I always found the designs to be quite overpowering and loud, which isn’t really me, but these slides are just adorable! The black makes them look classic and wearable, while the little teddy bear logo is really cute, and the Moschino logo itself is quite understated so the slides aren’t garish at all. The Moschino logo is reverse embossed, or embossed, I’m not sure, but it’s got texture to it, while the bear heads are sewn on with textured eyes. I think a lot of work went into these for the design and I love that about them. They definitely get a 10/10 in the looks department from me.

The Comfort & Material

I wasn’t sure at first how comfortable these slides would be which is why I waited a while to do my review. They’re made from a rubber, PVC style material so they are waterproof as a lot of slides are, but the front part of the strap can be felt across the top of my toes because of the edging. I thought this might give me blisters or cause some friction, but I am pleased to report that it hasn’t. I’ve not felt any blisters or pain from these slides at all as it is a really soft rubber. The sole of the sandals is a firmer, structured rubber so you can’t feel any of the ground and they’re comfortable to walk on. I’m not completely sure what the teddy bear heads are made of, but they are more like a soft fabric, which I am hoping is waterproof, but I can’t be certain on that! For slides, I class these as pretty comfortable as a lot of them can irritate my feet. If you are bothered by feeling a material against your skin (like the front of the rubber strap on your toes) then these might bother you, but for me it’s really easy to get used to and might be because I have long toes. I haven’t even noticed the Moschino imprint on the sole of the shoe either, you can’t feel it when they’re worn.

The Price & Quality

I wasn’t sure what price to include in my review here as I’ve seen these Moschino Teddy Bear Slides priced differently at many different retailers. The US price is around $195 while the UK price varies between £130-£150. As Harrods have them at £150, I am assuming that is the retail price. Some stores are having sales on them though and you can also get discount codes, but I’ve listed the best places below for you. Regarding whether or not I think the price is worth it, that’s always a tough one to answer with designer goods. These shoes are made extremely well, they’re sturdy, they’re symmetrical, the stitching is really neat etc, so you can tell they are well made in Italy, just as you would expect from a designer label. Compared to most designer slides as well, these are the affordable, lower end of the price scale as a lot of them are over £300 usually, with some over £450, which I think is crazy. However if you think that these are just some rubber and fabric stitched together to make a shoe, then I guess not. You can buy cheap slides for less than £10 if that’s what you’re looking for, but if you do want a pair of designer slides that are cute and really well made, I would recommend these compared to others as they’re readily available everywhere and more affordable than most, so you can take from that what you want to.

Overall Opinion

I’m pretty sure you can tell that I like these slides from Moschino if you’ve just read the whole review. I think the design of them is adorable and the bears are really cute! The soft rubber is quite comfortable (except the bit on the front on my long toes) however it does crease up from use. Like with most shoes, you always get wear creases and you can see what those look like from the photos. I would of course love them to stay pristine with none on, but if you want to wear a shoe, unfortunately that can’t happen. The quality is wonderful and the slides are very well made, plus they’re made in Italy and carry a designer label if you like that sort of thing. I’m really happy that I have them and that they’re mostly comfortable and cute to wear. You will be seeing them in an outfit post soon as well! If they are in your price range, I do recommend them for sure. If you have any questions though, just leave a comment below and let me know!

Buy these Moschino Slides online at Harrods | Shopbop | FarFetch


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