My Dubai Dairy • WishWishWish


We’ve all felt that familiar sense of dread when a trip is coming to an end. Spending your last hours soaking up as much holiday as possible, knowing you’ll be back at work the next day. Thankfully, there was none of that when we left Mauritius, because rather than head straight home, we extended our trip, turning what would be a stopover in Dubai to a ‘Notover’. 

With Emirates flying to well over a hundred destinations, many of them stopping in Dubai on the way, there couldn’t be a better excuse to make the most of your time there by extending it and seeing more of the city than it’s airport. Not only did it allow us to tick off an extra country and extend our trip, but it also broke up the journey home, which is arguably less exciting than the outbound trip (even when you’re flying Business with Emirates, which Miguel described as a holiday in itself – I think I could have left him on the plane and he’d have been happy!)

This was our second time in Dubai. I’ll be totally honest with you – I didn’t fall in love with it the first time, but was willing to give it another go. It’s changing all the time and has something for just about everyone.


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