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Oh Glasgow, you’ve won my heart! I’m not sure how it had taken me nearly 28 years to visit the Scottish city for the first time, but I’m very glad I did. I’d always been under the impression that Edinburgh with its castle and architecture would be more up my street, writing off Glasgow completely. I was wrong, very wrong.

Before visiting I didn’t have a vision of Glasgow in mind like I do for other European cities. Not a clue that its streets were so photogenic, buildings so impressive and full of history, and culture so rich. Call me ignorant, but until our trip last week, it wasn’t on the top of my must-visit list – but I’m here to tell you why it should be right at the top of yours!

From the friendly locals you’ll meet (no, they aren’t arguing, that’s just the accent!) to the amazing food, it’s a vibrant city that’s perfect for a weekend trip. Thanks to its three Universities, it’s young population keep the city cool with independent bars, cafes and restaurants. If you’re all about the culture, you’ll be pleased to hear Glasgow is too, with huge selection of art galleries and museums to choose from.

And for you keen Instagrammers – you’ll have plenty to shoot. Parts of the city are reminiscent of old New York (which is why it’s a popular filing location), and some of it’s hilly streets a little like San Francisco. Victorian sandstone houses are everywhere (you bet I’m looking on Rightmove as soon as I finish this post!) and give it the same kind of beauty as Bath. Not to mention you can see the peaks in the surrounding countryside from certain spots, only a short journey away.

If that’s not enough for you, I’ve compiled a list of the places we ate, the things we got up to and the shops we loved whilst in Glasgow…


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