My New Accessories Collection! Strathberry x Inthefrow


The East/West Bags are already a defining piece in the Strathberry collection – you probably will have already seen me wearing my Ruby bag and my white East/West Mini, so many times on Instagram and the blog. Strathberry offered me the opportunity to give  the East/West bags an Inthefrow makeover, and I literally squealed with excitement.

So I went for Plum and Rose. The two names of the varying colourways. The Plum – I mean, I had to throw a purple in there didn’t I. If you’re an OG follower, you will remember the three years where I had purple hair. It was my defining characteristic and honestly helped me so much in the early days of the blog. But I didn’t want to create a purple bag, I wanted something sophisticated, somewhat mature, wearable, versatile and chic. Plum it was. Something that could suit the girl who adores only black bags, but something for those who also love a darker toned accessory.

And the Rose, because I think every lady needs a neutral, pink bag in their collection. My lighter coloured bags are some of my most worn. Plus, this shade perfectly matches my every day lipstick shade, and if you know me well, you know I love to match my lipstick to my handbag. This colour isn’t overly pink, or overly beige. It sits beautifully in between and is so extremely wearable. I can’t stress enough how much this will match with the majority of your outfits, because the shade is so easy to wear. I absolutely adore it.

And finally, a truly defining feature; silver hardware and branding all over the whole collection. Strathberry is known for their gold bar closure and gold features. It’s become a trademark feature for them. But as a gal who loves silver, I really wanted the bags to be a true reflection of my style, so we went for silver hardware, zips and embossed branding. A feature I feel, that really refreshes the look of the plum and rose leathers. They’re bright, chic and so beautiful.


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