My Perfect Blonde Natural Balayage Hairstyle


A Perfect Natural Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

Can you believe it’s been just over a year since I had my hair cut? And around two years since I had it dyed? It’s been crazy! I’ve always loved having my hair blonder (it’s a dark natural blonde) or getting a fresh style, but the last couple of years have been quite challenging with the nerve pain as I regularly have a sore scalp that feels like it’s burning when you touch it. The past few times that I went to the hairdressers, I ended up getting burned because of the hairdryer and the pulling on my hair was too much for me, it resulted with me having watering eyes at one point because of the pain, so I’ve been put off going. As much as I disliked my hair (it was looking like Hagrid) I was too nervous to go to a salon and have it done. To cut a long story short, I’ve finally had it cut and dyed!

I’ve known Lucy for quite a while as she used to train at the hairdressers I used to go to, so over the past however many years she’s become a fantastic hairdresser and is highly skilled in the balayage department (you only have to check her Instagram to see that). I knew she did mobile hairdressing and worked one day a week in a salon somewhere else, so I thought I would message and explain the problem with my scalp and see if she could do what I wanted. I was delighted when she said it wouldn’t be a problem, so I booked in for a few weeks from then. Thursday was the day I spent about 4-5 hours at the hairdressers having the blonde balayage done (which I am sure you saw on my Instagram stories) and I couldn’t be happier! She was super gentle, no burned head, no tugging on my hair – I felt no pain! Now I know I have a hairdresser who I can see regularly!

So let me explain what I’ve had done as it’s quite simple really in theory, but it looks a lot different compared to my before and after pictures. The natural blonde balayage was done using a bleach that doesn’t really smell and Lucy painted it only my hair to create the natural look. The whole dye process took about 90 minutes to put on my hair and then it took quite a long time to take and go the correct colour as my hair is really thick and can be quite coarse. After that, she washed it and left a purple toner on for a while to take any brassiness out of the bleach colouring and what I was left with is this gorgeous warmer, honey blonde in some areas and a brighter, white blonder in others, layered against my natural darker blonde and I think it looks beautiful! As for the cut, I had about 3 inches taken off, had the weight taken out, and my side fringe put back in.

I don’t always leave the hairdressers 100% happy every time with my colour as my hair is a nightmare to work with (it regularly turns orange) and I’m often left with yellow tones that I don’t like very much, but this time I can safely say I am so happy! I love it! I’ve never had such a natural looking balayage and in some lights you can’t even tell as it just looks sun kissed and naturally lightened, especially when the sun shines on it as you can see just below. I’ve not stopped looking at it in the mirror and although I know the process takes forever and I don’t like spending so much time at the hairdressers in one go, I’m excited to keep it looking fresh and have it done again in the near future. I wont be waiting a year for sure this time! I’m thinking 3 months for a cut and maybe another colour around Christmas time as this is going to look beautiful with more roots as well. I do recommend Lucy to you if you’re local to the Bath/Frome or surrounding areas and are looking for a skilled natural balayage hairstyle! Best money I have spent in a while! What do you think of it? Do you like it? Lorna xx.

Here’s some iPhone shots of the process at the salon, but you can see more on my Instagram hightlights (@LornaRaindrops) as there’s video too! Hope you like it!


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