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The other day I starting filming a few clips of some new-in (to my bedside table, that is) beauty bits I’d been trying for an Instagram Story. And then I thought to myself ‘what about about the blog?!’ Travel is bloody brilliant for shooting content, but I spent so long getting through all of the images afterwards that I’ve probably been neglecting shooting anything new. So I rectified that mistake quickly – and here we have it!

As you’ll know, I don’t like to chop and change my beauty routine too much, but when I spot ingredients that my skin likes, I’m keen to introduce new things – below you’ll find some of the bits that I’ve been testing out recently.

Skinceuticals Glycolic 10

I think I can safely say that using acids transformed my skin. I was really excited to give the Skinceuticals Glycolic 10 a go after they kindly sent it over. At £80, it’s probably not something I’d splurge on, as I was very happy with my Alpha-H Liquid Gold routine. But as I felt like my face was getting used to the sting, I thought I’d up the anti – this has 10% glycolic acid rather than the 5% found in Liquid Gold.

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t feel as much of a tingle putting this on as I do when I put on Liquid Gold. And the same can be said for the results the morning after, too. There isn’t the quite the same feeling of soft resurfaced skin – and for nearly three times the price, I can’t argue that Skinceuticals Glycolic 10 is worth it. I could be totally overlooking some ingredients that mean it’s better in the long run, and perhaps I haven’t given it enough of a shot, but what can I say? I became addicted to that post-Liquid Gold glow. Watch this space!

Herbivore Phoenix Facial Oil

Was I initially really into Herbivore products because of the packaging? Yes. Of course I was. You can’t deny they look pretty good on a nightstand. But are they any good?

This beautiful orange-coloured botanical oil, Phoenix, is full of amazing things. I’m not going to pretend I’m Caroline Hirons – I have to trust the website and its description of what each of the ingredients will do, but as far as I understand it’s supposed to be hydrating and rejuvenating. I haven’t been using it as much as the morning and night suggested, but it’s slotted itself in nicely and feels great.

It’s not a cheap product, but will last you – a little really goes a long way.

Darphin Lip Oil

I’ve been using this Darphin Lip Oil religiously since they kindly sent it over for me to try. Infused with real rose petals, it looks rather pretty sitting on desk, which is the best place for it, because I’ve been gliding it across my lips whilst sat working.

Admittedly, the texture is a little stickier than I was hoping for – it does feel a bit like wearing those clear lipglosses that we all loved in 2003, but my lips seem to love it. Whilst I wouldn’t wear it out because of it’s glossy finish, it’s great to keep my lips hydrated whilst I’m at home. It stays on for ages!

Space NK Travel Bag

Because I can’t sit still for five minutes and catch flights every other week, I’m constantly switching between cases and bags. I was so happy when Space NK sent over their new flight-friendly beauty bag. It’s shape makes it perfect for packing, and it’s surprisingly roomy!

It might not fit ALL of my beauty bits for a long trip (hair products/sun cream take up too much room!) but for flights and weekends away it’s absolutely ideal. I’m going to try and keep it stocked with all of my favourite travel minis so I’m always ready to go.

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion

Full disclaimer, I’ve not been using this body lotion for long enough to see the results that it promises, but I’m EXCITED about it. Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion is known for being amazing at smoothing out bumpy Keratosis Pilaris affected skin. Whilst this isn’t something I have a huge problem with, it’s enough that I can’t help but scratch and pick at any bumps on my upper arms.

It’s got a fairly strong smell that almost feels medicated, which might bother some, especially as it’s recommended you put it on twice a day for the first four weeks. I’ll have to report back and let you know if it banishes the bumps!

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