New Kicks On The Block


Some of you might be familiar with my ‘Sneaker Diaries’ series here on the blog, and for those of who aren’t, it’s simply a series in which I style sneakers (‘trainers’ didn’t have the same ring to it) into my outfits.  Comfy shoes are a huge part of my style, in fact comfort in general is one of My Style Rules, so I wanted to share a few new season ‘kicks’ as the trainer trend comes back with brute force (amen!).

Over the past few months you’ve probably seen some pretty, errrr, let’s say unusual trainer styles grace your Instagram feeds (I refer to Instagram purely because this is indeed where the partaaaay is at).  The likes of Dior, Balenciaga and Gucci are taking trainers to a whole new level, literally speaking with these bad boys.  So below I’ve compiled a selection of the ‘new kicks on the block’ to suit all budgets.


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