Our Trip To Lyme Regis


A Holiday To Lyme Regis, The Jurassic Coast

Lyme Regis, where do I even start? Adam and I had wanted to go on a mini break away to somewhere different and we thought the Jurassic Coast would be great as I love history and archeology, and Adam has always loved dinosaurs. Since Lyme Regis was the best location for fossils and history from the Jurassic era, we chose it. At first, we didn’t know what to expect as it’s a tiny town in Dorset (bordering Devon) and doesn’t really have much in the way of shops or anything (not even a train station), so we had to plan things out to eat and where to stay, and decided on the Alexandra Hotel – which was absolutely beautiful! It was one of those locations where you didn’t even have to leave the hotel grounds if you didn’t want to as the gardens were beautiful, the lounge chairs overlook the ocean, and the restaurant was fantastic and catered to my gluten free needs! I definitely recommend it if you are ever visiting there – I actually can’t wait to go back!

The holiday itself was wonderful though. The first day was really cold and we hadn’t actually packed anything warm as the forecast said it was hot, and we did have some rainy showers throughout, but most of the time it was scorching hot! Looking at the ocean when it’s so sunny just makes it that aqua shade of blue and it’s stunning! I wasn’t aware before that Lyme Regis was mostly set on a hills, so it did make it a bit tricky for me getting around and I did suffer some hip problems, but despite everything, I enjoyed the holiday so much, it was one of the best ones.

The part I remember the most was planning the fossil finding trip. We waited until the evening when the tide was low and we walked all out to the rocks, I was concerned my joints would cause me a lot of pain, however walking on pebbles and uneven surfaces seemed to actually help and I didn’t suffer any pain from my Ehlers Danlos. I’m wondering if this is because my joints are free to move where they want on wobbly ground and are not pressing into something flat at a funny angle, but I was most excited the whole evening went well. At first we didn’t think we were going to find any fossils as it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, however we eventually did after about an hour and found some ammonite impressions, as well as some actual ammonites inside rock! It was amazing! It’s crazy to think that these fossils are from the Jurassic era and are around 110 million years old! I can’t even comprehend that age! It’s madness to me!

There were a lot of fossil shops around actually too, so we purchased a few that had been cut and polished, but the best thing was as an anniversary present, I got Adam a Spinosaurus tooth! It’s crazy to think that was an actual dinosaur’s tooth at one point! From about 160 million years ago. He loves it! As everything was so quaint there, the houses were what made me fall in love on the first day. They all paint them in pastel shades and there’s some really pretty pink cottages, and even walkways with streams flowing either side which have ducks on. So not only is the town area pretty, but the actual landscape and coast is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. I didn’t even know it looked like this (image above) until we had walked along out of the town and then rounded the corner, we were greeted with what only could be described by me at the time as ‘Canada’ ha ha. It looked amazing and I could stare at that view all day, every day!

I of course have many outfit photos to share with you over the coming weeks, but for now, these are the iPhone photos that I took while playing tourist. If you head to my Instagram (@LornaRaindrops – app only) and click the Lyme Regis story highlight which is located under the text on my profile page, you can watch videos and see more photos from the holiday itself and get a real sense of its beauty, as well as see my fossil experience. Anyway, enjoy the photos! You will most definitely be seeing more in the future too as I am eager to go back to such a beautiful town! Lorna xx.

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