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On the Heath

Picnic season is my favourite season. Sitting outside eating on a blanket by myself or (preferably) with friends is one of my top five activities. I try and squeeze as many in as possible when the weather is nice, so as you can imagine, I’ve been out swatting wasps away from my sandwiches and cake a fair amount this past month.

As I said on Instagram when I posted one of these photos, I absolutely love that I live so close to such a wonderful green space. I’m sure you’ll agree just looking at these photos, it’s not difficult to imagine you’re out in the countryside somewhere totally alone, despite the fact I’m just a few miles from the centre of London. Okay, so I might have to deal with the sound of some group of teenagers’ portable speaker blasting music or an errant dog come to sniff out the goods (the latter of which I’m TOTALLY fine with, come one, come all).

I think as I get older I’m appreciating the countryside a lot more. Not that Hampstead Heath is the countryside..but it can certainly mimic it when I need it to.

This won’t be the last little picnic of mine you’ll see this summer, I’m sure!


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