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If I look a bit wet in this post, well, that’s because I am. We had a spare 1o minutes before we were due to join a tour whilst on a trip to Glasgow, and unlike normal people who might seek shelter in the rain, I thought it might be a good idea to get a few outfit shots. I’m not sure my hair thanked me for it…

I wanted to show you the jacket that I picked up just before Christmas at Bicester Village (remember that trip?). It’s from See by Chloe, and I was totally won over by the big buttons. Unfortunately trying it on in the shop, I didn’t realise that it would attract and stick to ALL THE FLUFF in the world, which is a bit of a pain. Spending that much money on an item of clothing that seems to double up as a hoover isn’t ideal. I thought about quickly tidying it up in the pictures but..hey, let’s keep things real.

I’m going to talk a lot more about Glasgow in this weekend’s post, so I won’t get ahead of myself here, but it’s safe to say I loved the place. I didn’t realise it had beautiful buildings like this all over, the kind that you’re keen to hunt down on Rightmove ASAP. Big windows, and that sandstone colour that photographs so beautifully. Unlike my expensive new jacket that doesn’t photograph well at all. Bitter? Me? Never.

More from Glasgow very soon!


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