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Sitting down to write this post, I was intending on having a general chit chat and natter- but I wanted to chat about a couple of things that have been on my mind recently when it comes to blogging; shopping new, hauls and keeping up.

I’ve felt a little bit unsure recently when it comes to content and what I’m producing. It’s funny the pressures we feel online, isn’t it? And it made me wonder, in a true Carrie Bradshaw sense, if blogging has made us obsessed with buying? Are we more likely to become heralded for having the latest and most accessible pieces? Does consumer now come before creativity?

Of course- I’m still like any one else who enjoys a mosey around the shops- god, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t (I am only human after all). I love picking up a couple of things that I know will help breathe life into clothes I haven’t worn in ages- sometimes that’s even the best way of getting more wear out of something. I love nothing more than a peep at new in pages and a drop into Topshop between meetings- come, on people! But sometimes, and only sometimes, I can’t help but feel like I’m doing it wrong because I’m not constantly shopping new, hauling fresh collections and showcasing the newest, shiniest things on the high street. That’s what bloggers are meant to do, right?

It made me think a bit after I popped this outfit on, possibly for the third time in 7 days- and realising that sharing it meant nobody would be able to pick up most of the things I’d worn (I know, the horror)! On first thought I didn’t care- I love these pieces. I brought both of them last year, which hardly makes them old (maybe in online terms I’m sure they’re positively vintage) but it did occur to me the frustration of sharing things that aren’t readily there- the same way your friend might wear a great dress, only to later tell you ‘it’s from a vintage market in Thailand in 2011!’ No can do pal!

I’ve seen people speak about buying things and returning them, in order to share things like a magazine or publication would. Is that our purpose now? I have so many questions about blogging and shopping that sometimes I can’t help but feel like a bit of a nana on the sidelines- and wanted to take this post to jumble some of them onto a page to see where you sit with this too. I love seeing what’s new, but I don’t want that to make us carbon copies of each other. I love seeing the new, but I thrive on seeing what truly makes someone’s wardrobe interesting, unique and them, more. As much as I appreciate that no matter how fast paced, exciting and endless the new in selection of the high street is- sometimes what’s already hanging up in front of you is sometimes best- right?

So here’s to inspiring people with what they might already have. This outfit is comfortably one of my favourite things to wear- mainly because I largely end up floating around like Florence and the Machine (I wore this when I saw her recently at the Royal Festival Hall and felt all arms and legs) and that can only ever be a good thing. On top of that, ironically the only ‘new’ thing here is this bag. Picked up in one of my favourite vintage shops in Greenwich, I recently saw someone with something identical at a wedding- only to be told it was vintage. I then spotted this in Jolie and couldn’t believe it- and if that ain’t the true magic of shopping than I don’t know what is…


P.S I’ve just realised you can see an envelope in my pocket in all of these photos, so there ya go! Liv Purvis, forever sending cards…

(Jacket: Jigsaw, Dress: Rixo, Shoes: Superga, Bag: Vintage at Jolie)


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