Smell The Roses • WishWishWish


Another thing I forget I love so much about this time of year until it comes around is all of the flowers blooming. It’s become part of my routine when walking around my neighbourhood, to and from the shops or gym, to spot the most recently flowering bushes and to keep a mental note incase I might want to stop by and take some photos before they disappear again.

These photos were actually taken a few weekends ago. On our way out, I stopped Miguel and asked him if we could just shoot a few pictures before heading to the station. The reason being, these beautiful roses in various shades of yellow were out in full force, and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity. I walked by again a few days ago and they’ve all gone.

If we’re going to talk outfits, summer dresses and converse are my go-to on a hot day. This floral mini from &OtherStories turned out to be a little longer than I was hoping for when it arrived, so I had to hoist it up with the belt. If it’s not dangerous when bending over, it’s probably too long for me!

Now, off to spot the next flowers on my ‘to photograph’ list!


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