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Ever since I turned about 12 and the hormones set in, my skin has been a bit of a delicate area. I suffered from pretty terrific acne from the ages of 12 until about 16- and being at the kind of age where Dream Matte Mousse was my only means of covering things up, it was a pretty challenging time.

I tried everything from the kind of medicinal scented lotions and potions in gaudy bottles you see on TV. Stinging me like chopped onions, and doing nothing but increase endless red patches on my conscious face. I also tried endless doctors appointments, where I had tablets (that I was scared of swallowing, so had to crush and eat with something sweet), thick face creams and everything in between- a feeling I’m sure so many of you have been familiar with when tackling something similar. After endless trying, I ended up going onto Yasmin- a combined contraceptive pill that I’d heard glowing reviews about from family- and eventually helped clear up my skin…

Fast forward just over 11 years, and last year I finally came off of the pill. Although I’m sure there’s definitely a post there for another time, I’ve definitely found that in the last couple of months my skin has started playing up again and those old feelings of consciousness have started to reappear every now and again…

Thankfully, I’m now a lot older and wiser than I was all of those years ago and fortunately now have access to far more skincare products and knowledge too, meaning dealing with breakouts, whiteheads and unwanted redness is now a marginally easier feat. I also appreciate that my skin is not half as bad as it could be, and appreciate how I’m actually lucky it’s not any worse- but still, everything is relative- right?

So! In order to potentially help anyone else who is prone to the ol’ zit or two, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite new (and old) discoveries that I’ve truly found have helped me during those tougher times of the month. A couple are more first impressions, but let me know your favourites too!

First Steps First:
Although there are a few great cleansers I have in my stash that I go back to endlessly, over the last couple of months it’s been the French pharmacy favourites that have been doing the real point scoring. The first discovering came from Vichy’s Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel. I had picked this up a couple of years ago for my brother whilst in Paris- but it was only after seeing it in Boots recently that I went back to it. Not only does it create the perfect gentle lather and foam- but it’s so gentle despite the fact it helps balance oiliness and subtly dry out any spots. I’ve been using it morning and night and t’s massively helped reduce breakouts, which is pretty damn impressive. Another favourite has come from Avene and their Antirougeurs Clean Cleanser, which is fantastic at calming any angry redness and reducing oil too- but this time with a more milky consistency, which is softer if you’re having a dry day!

Mask Time:

When my skin gets really oily and broken out, my favourite thing to do (maybe once or twice a week) is a good clay, or charcoal deep cleansing mask. Although I have a few favourites (I love Origin’s Clear Improvement and Beauty Pie’s Super Detox Black Clay Mask) it’s The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask that always, always delivers. Not only does it get the job done, it’s not too tight for this kind of mask and leaves me softer than a wee bottom- which is only ever a good thing, right?

It’s Not The Problem:
…it’s the solution (ho ho ho)! All terrible jokes aside, I’ve recently started trying Glossier’s latest addition and exfoliant, solution, and so far, I’ve really quite liked it. Although I have admittedly read a mixed bag of reviews about this- so far, it’s done nothing but help minimise some of the small red patches dotted on my chin- and I haven’t reacted to it at all, which seems pretty promising. Although I do also love Pixi’s Glow Tonic, I’ve already taken a bit of a shine to solution, so shall let you know how it ends up faring.

A burst of moisture:

I’ve been using Sunday Riley’s Tidal for a looong time (hence the worn in packaging), and with this being my second tub- I can confirm I’m a serious devotee to this product. Not only do I think it’s gel like consistency does wonders for my mug, but I love it’s cooling, hydrating and brightening properties- and can continually see it giving my skin a real drink every evening.

In terms of morning moisture, I’ve been loooving the Origins Original Skin moisturiser with Willowherb. Not only does it have the zesty scent of their Ginzing moisturiser, but it applies perfectly and makes for one of the best foundation bases I’ve come across in a long time. Not only does it even out and soften the skin beautifully, but it doesn’t ~ball up~ or flake off (something I hate when I’m waiting to do my make up). I highly recommended for beautiful coverage and a one-stop-shop daily moisture boost- yes!





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