Styling A Nasa Cap With Gucci Accessories


A Gucci Belt & Bag Styled With A Black Outfit

Happy Saturday everyone! I finally watched Avengers: Infinity War yesterday as I usually wait a week or so to limit the crowds, but I still ended up with noisy people in the cinema, being irritating (I seriously hate that!). I wont give out any spoilers, don’t worry! I was avoiding social media all week as I didn’t want to spoil it, but as it turns out, I found some parts of it quite boring and long, but the rest was great. I expected this one to be partly boring due to it building up for part two. But then maybe I just didn’t get enough Cap screen time, ha ha. Has anyone else seen it? Thoughts?

For this outfit, I wanted to go for something quite different and mix a few elements into one. I was wearing a Tobi Kari Choker Bodysuit which I paired with my Citizens of Humanity Rocket Jeans in Black Leatherette (seen here), finished with a Gucci GG Belt in Black. I thought this made a great base for the outfit as the different shades of black worked well together, but seamlessly, broken up nicely with the gold buckle on the belt. Then for my accessories, I opted for my Christian Louboutin Pigalle in Black to give my legs some height, then chose my Gucci Marmont Mini GG Back in Black Velvet to match my belt and keep it classy. I finally added in my NASA Cap just to make it a little bit more sporty and casual – I didn’t want it to be too glam.

The location here isn’t anything too special as I couldn’t walk too far, but hopefully the main focus is on the outfit instead. I feel like it mixes a lot of dressed up pieces for an evening out, but the NASA cap really just tones it down enough. This is part of me including more going out looks on my blog as you requested, so just minus the cap for a night time ensemble! Let me know what you think of it though in the comments below as I always love your feedback.

On another note, the weather is warming up nicely! We’re having a bit of a heat wave again and it’s going to be 25C the next couple of days, but I doubt it will last too long. Then in a few days time I’m sharing with you another health post about my Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and showing you what it actually looks like. I thought this might be useful so I have a few pictures showing my joints and skin etc, and these are things you never see usually as I’m selective with my photos. Hopefully it’s not too much of a shock, but that’s going live on the 8th, so stay tuned! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Lorna xx.

What I Was Wearing:
Top – Tobi
Jeans – Citizens of Humanity
Belt – Gucci
Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Bag – Gucci


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