The 10 Best Luxury Backpacks for Summer 2018


Choosing a Bag – Priorities

When it comes to any bag purchase, my immediate thoughts stray to my top 3 priorities for investing in luxury.

1 – Material is a huge selling point for me. You’ll find that most of my luxury purchases are often purchased on the basis that the bag is hard wearing. I look for grained leathers/faux leathers that won’t show damage as easily, a material that lends itself to keeping the structure and integrity of the bag well and hardware that doesn’t rub against the body of the bag thus damaging it.

2 – Longevity of the design is just as important for me. Initially, it’s best to invest in classic styles that can be styled easily, are versatile in matching multiple colours in your wardrobe and will suit many occasions. And then, when you have a collection of classic bags, it’s time to potentially treat yourself to a more colourful, patterned or rogue choice that you adore and feel you could wear consistently. 

3 – Practicality has to be another point high on the list when it comes to adding a new addition to the closet for me and one I very rarely disregard. There will of course be handbags that are purchased to match certain occasions such as smaller clutch bags or wallets on chains for purely evening events, but for the most part I want to be able to wear it often, fit all my worldly belongings into it and for it to make travelling that little bit easier.


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